About NTF

About NTF

The National Training Fund (NTF) was established by Royal Decree in 2016 with the aim of capacity building for Omani human resources and to bridge the gap between the graduates of educational institutions and the labour market.

The goal of the NTF is to develop the skills of the national workforce as well as enhancing training standards in technical and vocational education and training. In order to produce capable Omanis with skillsets tailored to the specific requirements of the labour market, NTF focusses on creating a training infrastructure in the Sultanate that is suitably developed, in terms of its study programmes, quality of its staff, and delivery methodologies for the development of industry-driven training..

NTF sponsored training programmes must be internationally accredited. Contracted training institutes are required to focus on delivering In-Country Value elements such as developing staff and investing in facilities.

What do we do for NTF

EITI is an approved training provider for NTF.